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$ The Origin of Cats $

The Origin of Cats

      Cat lineages derived from Martelli wild cat (felis lumensis) which is now become extinct. This cat Felis silvestris were subsequently reduced further degrade the three kinds of cats, namely;

F. silvestris silvestris-(cat central Europe)
F. silvestris ornate (cat deserts of Asia)
F. selviestris lybica (African wild cat)

F. silvetris lybica is inhabiting most of Asia and northern Africa, because the process of taming then this cat ancestors evolved into a pet cat that exist today. The process of domestication of cats is thought to occur naturally due to changes in human behavior that originally nomadic (not reside) into a living colony settled. Humans began to grow crops, build grain storage barn as a food source. It is exciting arrival of rats and other animals, including feral cats. The arrival of these cats benefit for humans to control mice and other

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