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** A Cat Able to Predict 50 Deaths **

A Cat Able to Predict 50 Deaths

By EditorKrafty
                    A cat with an uncanny ability capable of detecting patients at a nursing home to die. A cat named Oscar that detects 50 deaths of patients come in style
who will die in the last hour.

Oscar is a cat who lives at the Steere House nursing home Nursing and Rehabilitation Centre in Providence, Rhode Island. This particular nursing home care for elderly patients affected by the disease dementia (dementia).

Dr David Dosa, a geriatric (elderly disease expert) who is also an assistant professor at Brown University in the U.S. said, in the last 5 years a record cat Oscar predictions are rarely mistaken for a terminally ill patient. In fact, one nurse actually predict which patients are considered to be nearing death.

Dr David then publish the Oscar ability in an
article in the New England Journal of Medicine in 2007. The story of Oscar is now recorded in a book entitled "Making Rounds with Oscar: The Extraordinary Gift of an Ordinary Cat".

A large number of deaths predicted expert geriatric cat Oscar makes sure that it is not a coincidence. They suspect that Oscar is able to detect the chemical signals in the body of patients who will die.

Oscar the cat will be standing in front of a patient's room and sometimes scratch-scratched door so she could enter. Usually a few hours after behaving like that, patients who visited Oscar will die.

But when the nurse tried to put the Oscar in the patient's bed, - which, according to the nurse, the patient is nearing death, Oscar instead jump away.

Oscar then choose another room and the cat's prediction proved to be more accurate because patients who visited Oscar died that night. While the first patient who allegedly died nurse will still last for two days.

Dr. David and his staff are very confident of the accuracy of the Oscar behavior and they will notify the patient's family members when the cat jumps on the bed and sat next to her room occupants.

"Oscar is not like the behavior of careless. He'll slip out for two minutes and then he will be back at the patient's side. It's as if he's really on guard, "wrote Dr. David was quoted as saying by the Telegraph, Wednesday (3/2/2010).

Dr. David noted nurses at the nursing home maintains five other cats but none of them behaved like a cat Oscar. But Dr David could not explain Oscar scientifically about this behavior.

He just assumed the cat Oscar has the ability as a dog that can smell cancer to detect the presence of ketones, bikomia released by dead cells.

Oscar's presence has become essential because the closer the patient, relatives and friends. Not a few families of patients who gave the award to Oscar when announcing the death of his family in the newspaper

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